Pier 27
May 24 & 25
Developer Conference for Communications
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Creating an amazing customer experience: Using online context to drive "offline" sales

You only need two bits of information to gain insight into the precise online context that led your prospect to pick up the phone and call: Their Caller ID and the number dialed. In this session, SpareFoot will share their formula of how they've used these two basic elements to pass the entire history of a caller's online behavior in real time to an inbound agent. This innovation has helped optimize their sales process (an 80% lift in inbound conversion rate year over year) while enabling an unusually great experience (average speed of ansslwer in less than 10 seconds). SpareFoot will also share insights about how they use this same data to route calls dynamically based on intent to the most efficient solution possible without any interaction required on the customer's part. You'll come away with specific ideas on how you can incorporate these concepts into your product paired with learnings from hundreds of thousands of inbound consumer interactions at SpareFoot.

Josh Lipton
VP of Technology