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Enhanced customer satisfaction with Twilio's feedback API and a Zendesk app

Zendesk has some large and growing Voice customers. A big problem for some of these larger customers is tracking feedback about and issues on calls. Due to the call volume in call center environments, supervisors could be swamped with feedback and not have the time and resources to filter it and forward it on to Zendesk support. This causes a slower response to customer issues than would be ideal.

After visiting one such large customer, we came up with the idea of building a Zendesk App to gather feedback and send it back to Twilio's Feedback API via Zendesk. On the Zendesk side we track, monitor, and alert based on incoming feedback. This allows us to be more proactive in dealing with issues for our customers and leads to much greater customer satisfaction. Twilio does likewise. And both of us having this data leads to much greater opportunities to identify and address issues faster and more comprehensively, all the while lessening the burden on our customers. A real win-win-win situation.

The presenter will speak about the rationale for the app; why we build it as an app (fast turnaround and flexibility for a new feature like this); what monitor, alerts, and tooling we put around feedback; and how easy and beneficial it was to use the Twilio Feedback API.

George Koltsov
Software Engineer in Test