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Smart SMS interactions for connected devices

In the Internet of Things, connected devices are sensing the world around us to improve our lives. Sometimes alerts need to be sent when a specific event happens: a security camera detects movement late at night, or a drastic temperature change is detected in your house. SMS is a reliable way of notifying customers of events they care about. However, creating a standalone notification role at the device level for every event combination can be time consuming and unmanageable. Instead, hosting the alert logic, interactions, and configurations in the cloud is a very efficient way to solve those use cases. As IoT devices become smarter it no longer makes sense to poll device -instead, we rely more and more on event-based programming models. Using AWS Lambda, the new event-based programming platform, one can customize content, timing, priority, and logic of when to use Twilio's platform to intelligently notify customers of extraordinary circumstances.

J. Randall Hunt
Technical Evangelist