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May 24 & 25
Developer Conference for Communications
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Third time's the charm: Lessons learned from building a global video conferencing service in the cloud

Failure is a great teacher. In this session, Lifesize VP of Product, Michael Helmbrecht will discuss the evolution of Lifesize's video conferencing solution from offering hardware-dependant, video-enabled end-points to a cloud-based software solution supporting users on any device, anywhere. Join Michael as he explains how the product came to life and gain insights into the tools and approach that shaped the product: from the flexibility of WebRTC to the global reach of elastic SIP Trunking. Learn how the resulting high definition video conferencing service, Lifesize Cloud, has attracted more than 1,000 organizations as paying subscribers in its first nine months and is changing the way companies communicate.

Michael Helmbrecht
Vice President of Product Marketing