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May 24 & 25
Developer Conference for Communications
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WebRTC on the server side

There is a lot to love about WebRTC. Thanks to Google, we all have a cross-platform (almost) standard for real-time communications. But that's just the start. Today, developers who want to leverage WebRTC for video and voice must build their own backend infrastructure for signaling, registration, network traversal, and global-media handling. The list goes on.

In this session, we'll look at how we build real time communications backend services at Twilio to be fast, scalable, and highly available. We'll demonstrate how you can apply much of what we've learned to building your own real time communication applications using the tools and services available to you with the Twilio Platform. We'll provide deeper insight on how to get the best experience on 1:1 and multiparty voice and video conversations with tight integration with your application logic. You'll leave this session fully equipped to design and build multiparty voice and video applications on the Twilio Platform.

Nico Acosta
Senior Product Manager, Voice Services
Christer Fahlgren
Technical Lead, Voice Services Team