The Developer Conference by Twilio
May 24 & 25, 2017 / SF, CA
Breakout Session

Chat Bots + IRL Bots: A Perfect Collision

Bots in the physical space and bots in the virtual space don't commonly get to talk to each other. What happens when you combine real life robots with online chat/SMS bots? Come find out as we share several examples of using chat bots to punch through to reality, sometimes with hilarious results. This is a session for those who want to take their bots further, and spark their imagination while doing so.

  • Microsoft
  • Technical Evangelist
Suz Hinton is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. She’s an avid open source contributor, writing and collaborating on libraries related to topics such as NodeJS robotics, accessibility, and creative coding. Suz is passionate about developer education, and specializes in accessibility, internet of things, and cloud computing. When she’s not coding, she’s probably making more coffee.