The Developer Conference by Twilio
May 24 & 25, 2017 / SF, CA
Breakout Session

"What If Twilio Could..." A Tale of Glitch, Twilio, and the Power of Friendship

One day, I befriended another engineer in the most 2017 of ways, and we began a never-ending discussion on what I should talk about at SIGNAL. This talk is both a meta discussion on how the exploration of personalities in a new friendship of technologists can inspire the strangest of ideas, and a technical discussion on how I created these ideas with Twillio and Glitch.

  • Fog Creek Software
  • Community Engineer
Jenn Schiffer is Community Engineer for at Fog Creek. Along with making art and jokes and apps, she runs the web developer meetup JerseyScript in Jersey City and co-emcees/organizes BrooklynJS, a JavaScript meetup for New York's favorite borough. She is incredibly strong and runs very fast.