The Developer Conference by Twilio
May 24 & 25, 2017 / SF, CA
Breakout Session

Perfecting Mistakes: How GitHub, GitLab, and Others Deal With Downtime and Problems

You’re going to mess up. Probably really terribly. The site’s going to crash. Or get hacked. Or you’re going to accidentally drop the database or enable email delivery on staging servers. Something bad is going to happen, eventually, whether you messed up or not. This is a talk mistakes made by companies like GitHub, GitLab, and others, and how you and your team can address them when they pop up.

  • During
  • CEO
Zach Holman is a developer living in San Francisco. He joined GitHub in 2010 as one of their first engineering hires and helped build and grow their product and culture over five years. Currently he’s the founder and CEO of During, a new calendar to help you during your day. He also advises startups, including GitLab and Dockbit.