What Twilio Toll-Free SMS Can Do

The features you need, built right in.


Burst Throughput

Default throughput of 3 messages per second. Contact sales for higher throughput starting from 25 messages per second for US Toll Free SMS.


Assemble up to 10 messages into one


Send any UTF-8 character to any handset worldwide

Usage & Triggers API

Monitor live usage and trigger custom webhooks.

Message Queueing

Logic to handle concurrent message requests

Build New Workflows with Twilio Toll-Free SMS

Craft seamless user experiences.

Use Cases

Customer Service

Add automated data lookup to your customer service toolkit. Let your users text questions for automated responses, or to start an SMS conversation with an agent.

Virtual On-Hold

Let your users skip the line when they need support and SMS to get in the queue for an agent callback. Less hold music makes customers happier.

Seamless Transfer

Start a customer interaction on SMS and transfer it to a phone call effortlessly when it's time to hash out the details. Or, send an SMS after the call to confirm actions and next steps.

Branded Interactions

Make every customer touch a branded, considered interaction. Vanity toll-free numbers reinforce brand recognition and make your messages immediately identifiable.

We Can't Wait to See What You Build

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