Account Security

Your customer accounts are valuable, protect them.

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Edward Dowling, Product Manager

The Challenge

Scaling any business exposes you to a wide array of threats.

New Account Fraud
Prevent bad actors from making fraudulent accounts, or pirating your customer accounts.
Account Takeovers
Takeovers chip away at customer trust and cost you time and money. Account Security APIs help you cut account takeovers off at the pass.
Recovery Costs
Users forget passwords and lose devices. Stop incidents before they start, and help your customers get back up and running without taxing your support team.

The Solution

Account Security APIs give you ironclad protection straight from signup, and throughout your customers’ journey.


Verify fights fake account creation using something fraudsters can’t fake — a phone number. By tying phone numbers to new customers accounts, Verify secures new users and stamps out fraud.


Lookup delivers detailed carrier and caller information you can use to make informed decisions about who you contact and how you contact them.


Passwords alone won’t keep your customer accounts protected. Authy secures your business and your customers at scale by adding two-factor authentication to their log-in via TOTP, push and SMS.

Microsoft Authenticator is partnering with Twilio Account Security to bring industry-best two-factor authentication to protect customers of Microsoft.
Rod Abelev
Principal Group Engineering Manager

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