How did we get here? The lasting impact of COVID-19

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2020 was the year of digital engagement that no one expected. The COVID-19 pandemic hit and instantly changed the way we connect with friends, family, businesses, customers, and colleagues. Digital transformation, the macrotrend that defined the past decade, accelerated at a remarkable rate. Creative new solutions were built out of necessity to keep us all connected in spite of physical distance. Boundaries between our online and offline lives dissolved. These trends are here to stay.


report digital communications are critically or very important to their survival during the pandemic

Businesses agree:
digital communications are critical to survival


report they would have been less competitive

report they would have lost revenue

report they would have been unable to meet customer expectations


report that not digitizing customer engagement would have negatively impacted their business

Change was swift. Most companies sped up their digital strategies 2 to 4 weeks after the initial pandemic lockdown in their countries.

Businesses built more ways to engage, faster.


less time to implement new channels during the pandemic

fewer days to build new channels to connect with customers

And we aren't going back.


report digital customer engagement will be critically or very important to their success going forward


expect to increase or maintain their organization’s investment in customer engagement after the pandemic

bgi group

The Twilio Engagement Builder Spotlight recognizes what innovative organizations have built to stay connected to their customers and communities.

During an economic downturn, managing your finances and ensuring the safety of your home and assets is top of mind. Leading distributor of insurance and household financial services, BGL Group, built a new, virtual contact center in just 8 days, enabling 1,200 agents to work remotely and safely while continuing to provide its three million customers with the best possible customer service.

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