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Route at scale

  • Essential Routing Features
  • Multi‑channel routing

    Create tasks through a REST API to represent inbound or outbound work across every channel, all routed through one common engine.

  • Configurable priority and order

    Select the routing priority for each task from your code, and choose whether to use a First In First Out (FIFO) or Last In First Out (LIFO) algorithm.

  • Time of day routing

    Predefined attributes make it easy to route tasks based on time of day or day of the week.

  • Timeout and Escalation Logic

    TaskRouter doesn’t just route and forget. You can set granular escalation logic if a task has been waiting too long in a given queue.

  • Multitasking agents

    Define different channels and the number of tasks from each channel that an agent can handle concurrently. You can create custom channels to cover every interaction type.

  • The Twilio Difference
  • Human‑readable routing expressions

    Define the characteristics of each task with any number of attributes. Easily write syntax to route tasks based on your chosen combination of these attributes, including escalation and fallback rules, so you don't have to write custom code.

  • Target worker expressions

    Get fine‑grained worker targeting without the complexity of a large number of queues. Segment the matching agents by their skill level or any other attribute.

  • Tight integration with Twilio Voice

    Tasks to handle inbound voice calls are created automatically by using <Enqueue>, saving you the extra code and steps in the Voice API.

  • Call Orchestration done for you

    Write and maintain less code for common voice use cases. TaskRouter handles all the call orchestration so that voice calls are initiated with the right architecture ready for transfers, monitor, whisper, or barge.

  • JavaScript SDK

    Build agent interfaces easily by using the JavaScript SDK, which allows you to update worker state and receive task reservations.

Designed for integration with every service and dashboard

  • Essential Routing features
  • Real‑time statistics API

    Use the REST API to query the current state of a given TaskQueue, Workflow, or Workspace in order to create real‑time dashboards.

  • Historical statistics API

    Pull cumulative statistics across any object within TaskRouter from any time interval over the last 30 days. Longer time periods available at additional charge.

  • Events API

    From task created to task assigned, and everything in between, the Events API provides a historical view of every event that happened while routing tasks.

  • Workforce Management Integration

    Coming soon

    TaskRouter includes out‑of‑the‑box support for integrating routing metrics and real‑time data with a number of different third party Workforce Management (WFM) providers to help you manage agents at scale.

  • The Twilio Difference
  • Real‑time event stream

    Receive a webhook for every single event that happens in the system, so you can trigger business logic as tasks move through the system.

  • Server‑side override

    Enforce your SLA by controlling task assignments via webhook override. Allow disrupts to trigger task routing changes in real‑time by updating tasks over the REST API.

  • Twilio Marketplace Add‑ons

    From socioeconomic information to spam scores, you can route calls based on a rich set of data from third party data Add‑ons in our marketplace.

  • Real‑time dashboard objects

    Coming soon

    TaskRouter automatically publishes the data needed for creating real‑time dashboards to objects which update the SDK in real‑time, making dashboards easy to create and always up to date. Additional charges apply

The Twilio advantage

Communicate reliably

Experience a 99.95% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and zero maintenance windows.

Operate at scale

Extend the same app you write once to new markets with configurable features for localization and compliance.

Many channels

Use the same platform you know for voice, SMS, video, chat, two-factor authentication, and more.

No shenanigans

Get to market faster with pay‑as‑you‑go pricing, free support, and the freedom to scale up or down without contracts.