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Customer engagement building blocks: What you need to launch a better platform

  • quinton wall
    Quinton Wall
  • May 26, 2020

Think of customer engagement as a triangle between customer experience, user experience, and developer experience. 

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Engagement is more central for businesses today than ever before, because consumers are seeking out personalized, real, and authentic conversations with the brands they encounter. 

To create a customer engagement strategy that meets those expectations, organizations need the right building blocks in place. Doing so enables you to make strategic decisions that help your solutions succeed before they’ve even made it to a user’s hands.

In this piece, we’ll cover three of those building blocks (personalization, trust, and reach), how they can play a role in your strategy, and share sessions from this year’s SIGNAL conference that can help you put them in action.

Personalization = meaningful connection

Consumers today are used to being bombarded with spam, irrelevant promotions, and communications that don’t account for who they are. Building engagement that is relevant to your customer cuts through the clutter. 

The more you know about your customer, the more likely you are to create relevant messaging. Machine learning provides the opportunity to analyze interactions and derive data-driven insights. Do customers prefer to receive updates via SMS or WhatsApp? Are they more likely to open a message in the morning or afternoon? How frequently do they prefer to be contacted?

Knowing this information can allow you to build a unified profile of a customer across phone numbers, emails, social accounts, and more to create personalized interactions. Learn more at our SIGNAL session, How Allergan gave their customer experience a makeover: Building real-time, in-app personalization for cross-brand experiences. In it, Allergan will show how they designed its tech stack to unify identifiers into a single view of the customer, which they use to deliver real-time, in-app personalization.


With privacy becoming a growing concern for consumers, the notion of trust is fundamental to a successful customer engagement strategy. Trust can start from protecting personal information through account security strategies like two-factor authentication, but it also extends into considerations like data storage and management, regulatory compliance, ethical use of sensitive information, and more. 

Learn more about how trust plays a role in engagement at our SIGNAL session, Restoring trust in the communications network: The digital transformation to empower end users. Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and Federal Communications Commission Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel will discuss important changes affecting every entity that uses communications tools to engage with users. They will take a deep dive into the FCC’s agenda and how the FCC has been working with the communications ecosystem to help advance next generation communications and customer engagement.


Successful customer engagement strategies should be tactical enough to add immediate impact, but flexible enough to reach every customer across every relevant channel. Start with a focus on the immediate need and a clear mission statement for engagement: “I want to use messaging to better keep my customers updated on order status,” for example. 

But don’t let your thinking stop there. Once you can alert customers on order status, maybe you need another system to deliver follow-up offers, customer service interactions, returns, and more. Each of these can become part of your customer strategy—so long as you have a platform that’s built to grow and change.

Learn more about reaching your customers as you grow via Future proofing your contact center: Calabrio for Twilio Flex. Learn how Twilio Flex helped Calabrio build a powerful suite of Workforce Optimization products to let organizations take control of their customer experiences as they scale.

Start building your platform at SIGNAL

Building great customer engagement is simpler than ever. At SIGNAL 2021, you can learn how to create a platform that provides the flexibility and freedom you need through sessions on best practices, exciting new products, and more. 


Get excited for SIGNAL!

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