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Edition 2: Communication for good

Edition 2 

Explore the ways communication technology can promote the greater good.


Communication in crisis: How organizations are innovating to serve their communities digitally

Communication during crisis is challenging in and of itself. COVID-19 has made it even harder. See how non-profits and service organizations are innovating to bridge the gap.

Erin Reilly, Twilio Chief Social Impact Officer
Adapting to COVID-19

What crisis can mean for customer engagement and customer loyalty

The single most important effort your company can make is to be empathetic. That means recognize that your customers need you to be supportive to them, the community surrounding your company, and the population on the larger stage, given the size and scope of the company.

Paul Greenberg

Patient engagement

See how organizations use communication technology to drive better patient outcomes.

United Way 211

Answering the call: United Way Worldwide ramps up 211 capabilities and technology amid COVID-19 outbreak

Nonprofits like United Way have long operated helplines to connect people with resources. The 211 service is now available to 95 percent of the U.S. population (and most of Canada) and serves as the social services companion to the municipal informational help-line. Following COVID-19, the team adapted to a fully remote workforce and developed innovative contact center solutions featuring automation to help more people than ever.

Claire Karjalainen
United Way 211 - The Current.jpg
Software solutions for global healthcare

Challenge yourself—and your assumptions—or your product is doomed: Insight from Trek Medics founder Jason Friesen

How Jason Friesen's team at Trek Medics created Beacon: a globally-deployed emergency dispatch platform built with Twilio's messaging APIs.

Kayleigh Karutis