Edition 3
The Current Quarterly

Digital trust

Edition 3 

All companies today must be good stewards of customer data, while also using that data to create better experiences, innovate, and gain trust. In this edition of The Current, explore the importance of treating consumer data correctly, the future of customer data management, and how leading companies use data judiciously to deliver better customer experiences.


Why every CMO needs a CDP

CMOs have growing customer data responsibilities, but at the same time hit their traditional marketing objectives. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) help them pull this off.

Katrina Wong
Data etiquette

Why Apple’s changes to cross-app tracking are a vote for data etiquette

As new regulations and stricter platform privacy policies continue to be introduced, businesses will have to say farewell to personalized ads driven by third-party data and instead build direct relationships with their customers to drive authentic advocacy and evangelism. 

Peter Reinhardt

Consumer trust

Trust is the currency with which you do business. To succeed, businesses must lead with trust and security to establish and deepen customer relationships.

Twilio Segment Director of PMM: The past, present, and future depends on first party data.

Nobody's sure what a world without third-party data will look like but everyone agrees on one thing: first-party data is businesses' new best friend.

Read to learn why, from Twilio Segment Director of PMM Steve Schuler.

Use case

U.S. consumers see data privacy as a human right. How should your business treat it like one?

In today’s digital landscape, consumers don’t just want to know their information is being kept safe by the businesses they share it with—they believe doing so is a moral imperative. For enterprises that handle high quantities of personal data, that means a transparent approach to data etiquette and security is more important than ever.

Riley Leight

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