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Less is more: Establishing a trusted ecosystem with one verified number for voice and text

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    Meg Buchanan
  • Jun 10, 2021

With the introduction of a verified ecosystem, businesses can now sign up for one number to reach their customers via SMS and voice, increasing trust within their customer base and removing the risk of being labeled as spam.

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If there was ever any doubt as to the tremendous need for a verified ecosystem across business-to-customer communication, just look at the numbers. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, in the last year alone consumers filed 93,331 complaints regarding unwanted text messages to the Federal Trade Commission, up from 71,776 the prior year. Similarly, consumers also received nearly 46 billion robocalls in 2020. For both consumers and businesses trying to reach them, the message is clear. The increase in bad actors as SMS/Voice has gained popularity is ruining the experience for both legitimate businesses and consumers alike. 

In a world inundated with calls, texts, and notifications, a verified ecosystem ensures for quick identification of bad actors and enables the delivery of desirable consumer text or voice messaging at the right time. It offers a seamless, clear, easy experience for both the customer and the business. And it guarantees your message to come from the same verified number every time you reach out to your customers creating a trusted engaging relationship long term.

This verified system has been in talks for quite some time, but only recently were businesses able to start verifying their numbers on major networks. In order to help assist with this, Twilio has released our own know-your-customer registration system, called Trust Hub—a unified console experience backed by a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) identification system that abstracts away the complexity of per-channel verification so you can build trusted experiences with just a few clicks. 

By simplifying the multiple carrier/receiver-required registration processes, Trust Hub makes it easier to reach your customers at scale regardless of voice or SMS. You can learn more about getting started on Trust Hub here; in the meantime, let’s take a look at the synchronized secure experience that this trusted ecosystem will provide.

Verified Voice: Introducing SHAKEN/STIR

What probably sounds like a James Bond reference is the exciting new way to reach your customers via phone. Starting now, businesses will be able to verify their number via call attestation to maximize call answer rate and ensure calls don't get labeled ‘spam likely’ at the consumer handset level. 

By getting your number verified, it allows the network to recognize your number and ensures your message gets through to the customers you need to reach. Learn more about getting started here.

Verified SMS: Introducing A2P

While slightly more nuanced, A2P serves as the verified messaging component coming from your trusted number. Similar to SHAKEN/STIR once your number has been verified on a network, you can send messages to your customers in a more timely, personalized, and secure manner. The benefits are plentiful, and it serves as an opportunity to revolutionize business messaging as we know it. Learn more about A2P and if it’s the right solution for your business here

One number, double the reward

It will be interesting to see what the robotext and robocall statistics are like in 2022 with the introduction of this verified ecosystem for businesses who truly want to gain trust with their customers. 

One thing is for certain though, with 16 percent more customers trusting verified brands and by removing the risk of being blocked by networks by verifying your own business number, the future of business communication will be a more trustworthy, valuable experience for everyone involved.

Digital trust

Curious about how to gain digital trust with your customer across the scope of your business? Learn more in our latest issue of The Current.

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