Edition 6
The Current Quarterly

The future of customer engagement


This year's SIGNAL was all about what's coming next in customer engagement—and believe us when we say, it's incredible. Dive into our top takeaways from this annual event, and get inspired for what's to come in 2022 and beyond.

Customized experiences

No more ‘as if’: Personalization takes center stage at this year’s SIGNAL

Personalization is all the marketing rage. Here’s what our team shared and discovered about customizing the customer experience at SIGNAL 2021.

Meg Buchanan

Customer engagement today—and tomorrow

See what you may have missed at SIGNAL 2021.


Climb aboard: Our most-read pieces of 2021 H2

Highlighting the power of connection, empowerment, and personalization through our top pieces of content in H2.

Meg Buchanan
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Empower social change

Build stronger communities with communication: Empowerment lessons at SIGNAL 2021

You can empower your community to be creative and innovative through every interaction. Here’s what we learned at  SIGNAL 2021 on social impact, inclusion, equity, and more.

Riley Leight

What’s next: The top five customer engagement trends of 2022

Digital communication is getting faster, smarter, and more synchronized in 2022. Use this guide to prepare your business for the next generation of customer engagement.

Meg Buchanan
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Edition 3: Digital trust

All companies today must be good stewards of customer data, while also using that data to create better experiences, innovate, and gain trust. In this edition of The Current, explore the importance of treating consumer data correctly, the future of customer data management, and how leading companies use data judiciously to deliver better customer experiences.

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Edition 4: Retail 2021

It's 2021, Black Friday is nearly here, and while this year's holiday shopping season is poised to look different from last year's, one constant remains: uncertainty. With COVID-19 still very much a part of daily reality, and with customers more discriminating than ever with their attention, successful retail brands must go beyond the typical. In our Retail in 2021 edition, we show you how.