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A guide to our most popular COVID-19 content

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    Meg Ruggieri
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Explore our most-read content on how industry leaders are effectively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This year, we’ve written more than 40 pieces about COVID-19 and how businesses across industries can use this strange time in history to modernize their business and develop a more agile workforce to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

In the spirit of giving the gift of knowledge, we’ve rallied up our top content to inspire you to harness these customer engagement strategies and best practices to build a better business into 2021.

While this content focuses on COVID-19 specifically, the takeaways speak to the future of how our world will work and what’s next in communication with your customers.

For the data-obsessed colleague looking for long-term customer engagement metrics:

Look no further than our COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report, our in-depth guide on the shifting customer engagement trends brought on by COVID-19. Earlier this year, Twilio surveyed 2,500+ enterprise decision-makers around the world to find out what effect the pandemic has had on their company’s digital engagement.

In this report, you’ll learn their answers on how they believe the pandemic will impact the future of digital communication in 2020 and beyond.

Download the full report here.

For the financial services business looking to modernize from the inside out:

While much of the financial services industry is rooted in traditional face-to-face contact, COVID-19 has presented a rare opportunity to update systems in long need of modernization. In this in-depth step-by-step list, financial service business leaders can read further into 10 steps they can take to digitize their business as well as adapt, and grow, from COVID-19.

For the coworker who is video-conference curious:

By this point in 2020, it’s easy to assume everyone knows how to video conference, but that doesn’t mean they know how to do so well or even the correct platform to choose for their business needs. In our video conferencing guide, we’ll walk you through the considerations to ponder before choosing specific software as well as best practices for using video successfully.

For the retailer always looking for the next big trend in commerce:

While click-to-collect and buy online, pay in store (BOPIS) have certainly been around before COVID-19, the way consumers shop have shifted extensively since the pandemic began. And given that shipping this year is going to be particularly hellish, offering customers new ways to engage with your retail brand isn’t just a survival tactic but a long term business strategy. Learn more about how you can adapt and change to the shifting retail environment here.

For the healthcare provider wanting to connect more authentically with their patients:

There are several evolving trends across healthcare that are helping the industry modernize, ushered along by COVID-19. Improvements to and a wider acceptance of telehealth, smarter patient engagement, and innovations like remote waiting rooms are among the trends we’ve seen over the course of this year.

Learn more about COVID-19 is shaping how healthcare providers meet the demand for telehealth and provide better patient engagement here.

For the school district looking for ways to expand virtual learning opportunities:

Online learning is a challenge in any capacity, but especially during a pandemic when many teachers (and parents) are learning the ropes of education online for the very first time. Schools and parents are adapting, though, by harnessing the latest in education video technology to make student education experience as fulfilling as possible.

Learn more about the strategies and tools they are employing to help students with distanced learning this year.

For the travel company looking to give their customers a lift amidst their cancelled holiday plans:

Travel might be postponed for many customers this year but their future plans are far from cancelled forever. Travel and hospitality companies looking to engage with and strengthen relationships with their customers still have great opportunity to do so over the holiday season as we prepare for a much more travel-friendly 2021.

Find some creative best practices for engaging with your audience as they dream and plan for next year’s holiday and vacation getaways here.

For the business who has everything... except a plan:

We’ve got you covered. From best practices in crisis communications, to continuity with a workforce from home, to a general guide to business not as usual, business continuity planning is the gift that keeps giving. Developing your own means being ready for anything that comes your business’s way in the future, pandemic or otherwise.

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