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How three top retail and eCommerce brands lead CX from the contact center

  • alex bravo
    Alex Bravo
  • Mar 13, 2020

How three major brands set themselves apart by leading in customer experience

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Brick-and-mortar retail and eCommerce, once considered rivals, are now two sides of a unified strategy to engage customers through the entire customer lifecycle. And, between in-store and digital shopping experiences lies the hub of customer communications: the contact center. 

Today, customer loyalty is heavily based on the quality of customer experience—often more even than the product or good itself. Retailers who prioritize self-service, proactive alerts, and guided customer support provide the kind of customer experience that promotes customer loyalty—namely,  characterized by personalization, real-time notifications and messaging, 24/7 customer service, secure payments, and the flexibility to communicate with customers on their preferred channels. Here are leading examples of retailers who are designing experiences centered around ease, speed, personalization, and convenience for customers.

Marks & Spencer uses speech-to-text technology to get customers where they need to go, faster

Marks & Spencer’s AI-powered Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with natural language processing (NLP) for customer intent analysis fully understands why customers are calling and where best to route them. Their speech-to-text capability translates customer queries into actionable intent with more than 90 percent accuracy, automatically routing customers without needing to ask them for a “reason for contact.” Marks & Spencer’s IVR handles more than one million inbound telephone calls a month, with automation that reduces average handle time by 10 seconds. That adds up to happier customers and more productive, happier agents.

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Shopify’s IVR and integrations provide agents with better information, leading to stellar customer service

Shopify’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integrates with dozens of supporting apps and software for agents to access relevant contextual information about the customer merchants they’re connecting with, such as their history with the company, and the issues they may have—regardless of channel—to personalize each conversation. Each Shopify merchant has a unique personal identification number (PIN) for rapid authorization that instantly routes them to the right agent. Altogether, Shopify saves three to five minutes per call.

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MercadoLibre and their seamless, secure account verification gets customers onboard and engaged quickly

More than 400,000 merchants rely on MercadoLibre, Latin America’s largest eCmmerce player, as their digital storefront. Being a public company that not only stores customer data in the cloud but also processes payments, Mercado Libre needed account authentication that adhered to regulations. To make account authentication as frictionless as possible, MercadoLibre madeits two-factor authentication (2FA) process a part of an incremental security approach: low-value transactions may have entry-level protection, like username and password, while the stronger security of phone verification is required for the sales of higher value items, like appliances, jewelry, mobile phones, and automobiles. MercadoLibre also automatically initiates phone verification when witnessing suspicious or unusual transactions, ensuring top security for all its users.

In the age of Amazon, customer expectations are at an all-time high. But with the right contact center solution, brands of any size can have maximum flexibility to adapt to business needs as they change in-step with consumers’ preferences. 

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Alex Bravo is a Sr. PMM for Retail at Twilio. With a background in business strategy consulting and supply chain, Alex helps define how Twilio enables brands to turn engagement challenges into opportunities to build delightful customer experiences. She is also an instructor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the NGO Science Clubs International and was a guest lecturer through the department of economics at her alma mater, Harvard University.