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    Meg Buchanan
  • Nov 15, 2021

Highlighting the power of connection, empowerment, and personalization through our top pieces of content in H2.

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Ahoy! At this year’s SIGNAL, we officially brought to shore the idea of approaching customer engagement through the lens of channels, empowering your employees and customers, and personalizing everyone’s experience throughout that journey. 

The customer experience is far better when you humanize the connection between businesses and the customers that use their products and services. It’s no surprise that doing so results in higher customer retention, acquisition, and satisfaction. Because isn’t it better when we talk to each other like human beings? 

The most-read pieces of content that floated to the top on The Current reflect this idea. From industry-specific success stories to the future of business messaging, here are the top six pieces our readers consumed in the second half of 2021. Welcome aboard.

Connecting on the channels your customers care about

Privacy and security are important to customer trust, and customer trust is integral to long-term retention. 

Eighty-six percent of customers stop using businesses that have had data breaches. Check out our list of best practices around requesting, using, and evaluating phone numbers for account authentication to help keep your business and your customers safe. 

At this point in digital customer communication, it’s nearly impossible to avoid bad actors destroying the trust you work so hard to build with your customer base. This is why earlier this year, new regulations were put into place to support businesses in reaching their customers quicker and more safely through messaging. 

Here’s our take on the best way to reach your customers through the new business messaging landscape.

Empowering both your customers and your employees through smarter technology

The future of messaging is a world where both sides have more say. Customers will be able to choose the channels they want to hear from companies on, the time of day they’d like to receive messaging, and even the content itself. Delivering a frictionless conversational experience will make all the difference in whether customers continue to want to hear from you. 

Here’s why these shifts in technology are empowering consumers to seek out more authentic communications from the businesses they support. 

We may be past the bulk of the pandemic but the lessons companies learned during— and will take with them afterward— are powerful examples of empowering intelligent, long-term, scalable solutions for customer engagement.

From telehealth to distance learning, the future will be a more accessible, more digital experience for both businesses and their customers alike. Here are some examples of companies doing just that. 

Personalizing the customer engagement experience

To lean into better connection and empowerment, brands must also put more focus on personalization in new and innovative ways utilizing data to delight and customize their consumer’s experiences. Here’s why hyper-personalization is the future of customer engagement. 

From messaging, two-factor authentication, multi-channel communications, and more making a customer’s experience more personalized is always a winning solution. 

Through five leading financial services companies--CU Wireless, Xoom, TransferWise, Simply Business, and ING-- we highlight the power of personalization used within customer engagement strategies. 

Learn more about enabling your customer communication through connection, empowerment, and personalization in our latest edition, and don’t miss all our future editions by subscribing to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

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