Product deep dives: SIGNAL breakout sessions guide

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    Meg Buchanan
  • Oct 13, 2021

At this year’s SIGNAL, dive deeper into Twilio products with our intermediate and advanced sessions such as product demos, technical how-to’s, customer stories, and more.

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Ready to level-set your developer skills to enhance your customer experience even more meaningfully?

In the spirit of making that building easier for our customers, each year we come together to explore the intersection of technology, innovation, and communications at our annual SIGNAL conference

At this year’s SIGNAL, we’re helping you take your developer skills to the next level in our Product Deep Dives track featuring intermediate and advanced product sessions. From building more personalized customer experiences, to how you incorporate our latest features into your existing product, our sessions will set you up for success in 2021 and beyond. 

Product deep dives

The pandemic sped up the way businesses engage with their customers. Just last year alone, we saw a 46 percent decrease in time taken to implement new channels and a 28-day decrease to build new channels to connect with those customers.

This means that businesses are now building more ways to engage, faster. To help you continue to serve these customers on new channels, we’ve created a unique track of sessions that allow you to get a more in-depth understanding of the products you’re already using such as: 

  • Technical deep dives
  • Product demos 
  • Customer stories
  • New feature launches

This year, we also have over 50+ customers speaking and educating others about their learnings in building their own products using Twilio. We believe there’s no better way to learn about creating amazing customer engagement than from those who’ve done an incredible job with it, and we’re excited to list below as a few of our favorite upcoming sessions within this track: 

  • Architecting SMS for mission-critical communication with DoorDash: Sending one SMS is easy. Scaling your architecture to support hundreds of thousands or even millions daily? Well, that’s a little more complex. And yet, these messages are often mission-critical. 

For DoorDash, supporting millions of delivery notifications is key. In 2020, as nationwide closures and stay-at-home orders pushed many restaurants to seek business via non-traditional channels, ensuring high deliverability as message volumes exploded was critical to servicing their customers.

  • The Power of Transcriptions: ING unlocks the value of conversations: In this session, we will walk you through transcriptions and how you can use them to tap into a treasure trove of customer engagement data. We'll cover common use cases and introduce new transcription capabilities coming soon. 

We'll also be joined by long-time customer, ING, to spotlight how they're using Twilio APIs and transcriptions to improve their customer experience and achieve operational excellence.

  • How Allergan gave their customer experience a makeover: building real-time, in-app personalization for cross-brand experiences: In this session, we'll showcase how Allergan designed its tech stack to unify identifiers across brands and applications into a single view of the customer. We’ll also walk you through how their team delivers real-time, in-app personalization with Twilio Segment’s Profile API, and share its cross-channel marketing vision by building a retention campaign with Journeys.

See you at SIGNAL

Regardless of where you are on your customer engagement journey, we’re here to support you by helping you build a strong foundation. See all of our ‘Product Deep Dives’ sessions and more by registering for this year’s SIGNAL here


See you at SIGNAL!

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Meg Buchanan

Meg Buchanan is a Colorado native, a Kansas Jayhawk, and a proud multi-tasking millennial. As Twilio's Content Marketing Manager, she has more than seven years of experience writing for both agencies and in-house brands on topics from healthcare to hospitality.