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Supporting critical providers: Twilio Video platform now free to COVID-19 responders in healthcare, education, and nonprofit sector

  • jesper
    Jesper Joergensen
  • Apr 14, 2020

To empower critical healthcare, education, and nonprofit organizations to reach the individuals they serve, Twilio now offers three months of free use of our Video product for customers in the healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors responding to this crisis if they sign up before June 30. Read on to learn more about the Twilio Video Boost program.

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As the world comes to terms with new norms like social distancing, travel restrictions, and shelter-in-place orders, individuals and organizations alike are seeking ways to connect.

Connection looks a bit different now: most of it is done via video conferencing and remote meetings, with cameras and microphones instead of face-to-face conversations.

For many, this shift has been abrupt and unexpected, and fraught with stress and uncertainty. Besides, it’s not as if there hasn’t been much said already about how digital engagement has led to a decline in in-person engagement, even before all our lives were upended by COVID-19.

For now, it’s our only option. A different perspective, though, can do wonders.

While it’s fair to mourn a temporary loss of in-person interactions, there’s no shortage of incredible examples of how digital connection can create and deepen meaningful relationships.

In Telehealth, providers and healthcare organizations have swiftly enabled virtual visits and check-ins to continue to serve patients in need of care. Patients and providers are able to maintain critical conversations while protecting themselves via social distancing. And, they’re responding in new and innovative ways to the coronavirus pandemic by offering remote screenings, monitoring, and rapid updates as needed.

See how MDLIVE empowers providers to reach patients on video to provide exceptional care remotely

For educators across the world, the classroom is now online—in fact, a recent study by G2 found that demand for virtual classrooms has grown 200%—with teachers utilizing virtual classrooms enabled with video, voice, and chat to reach students and offer a semblance of normalcy in a trying time. Students are accessing one-on-one tutoring and aid remotely; schools and educators are able to access online, remote proctoring services to ensure tests and assessments can move forward.

In the nonprofit community, the outpouring of support and the ways in which organizations are adapting to this crisis has been nothing short of incredible. Support hotlines across the nation are being inundated with increased demand, and volunteers are rising to the challenge; organizations are utilizing video meet-ups to check-in with at-risk populations and offer support.

The ways in which our world has expanded while under such restriction is heartening, especially at a time when we all could use a little positivity.

To empower these critical organizations as they create and deepen connections to the individuals they serve, Twilio is excited to launch the Twilio Video Boost program, offering three months free usage of our Video product for new customers (or existing customers with a new video need) in the healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors responding to this crisis if they sign up by June 30.

We’re living through a trying time, but opportunities to connect are everywhere around us. Twilio is honored to support healthcare providers, educators, and nonprofits as they evolve to overcome the challenges they face.

Ready to get started? Read a tutorial or watch a video on deploying your own video collaboration app in just minutes. Learn about other support Twilio’s offering at this time, including Flex Boost, a program that provides technical, operational, and financial resources to aid with the impact of COVID-19 on contact centers; and Impact Access, Twilio’s program for nonprofits, B Corps, and social enterprises committed to creating positive change.

Twilio COVID-19 response

To request access to this offer, get in touch with a specialist now.

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