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What innovation means to us

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    Christy Lake, Twilio Chief People Officer
  • Sep 08, 2020

We were recently named by Fast Company as one of the best workplaces for innovators, and as a best workplace for millennials by Fortune. Here’s what having an innovative workplace means to us.

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The word innovation is often thrown around when it comes to tech companies. Innovate. Disrupt. Modernize. To work in tech is to be constantly focused on how to improve the future, today.

And at Twilio, we’re proud of the innovative reputation that makes us a great place to work. We believe true innovation doesn’t just ‘come with the tech-related territory’. It’s an intentional part of the Twilio culture, because the builder spirit is part of our DNA. It’s innovative thinking and the drive to build and improve things that guide how we act with one another, how we make decisions for our clients and how we win business as a company—and we call it the Twilio Magic.

There’s a special spirit at Twilio that is manifested in our diverse team and unique company culture, one supported and deepened by our consistent focus on empowering builders internally and at organizations all over the world. Despite the many challenges of this year, Twilions continue to boldly innovate, empower others, and make Twilio the amazing workplace it is.

We innovate because as the world changes, we want our employees to be empowered to create a positive difference within it. To create ideas, programs, and initiatives that don’t just make the world faster, but better. Programs like our recent Crisis Response and Prevention Initiative which uses Twilio tech to establish crisis response networks to help nonprofits expand the number of people they serve.

We innovate because it empowers our customers to give the world a new point of view. Customers like Be My Eyes whose visual assistance mobile app is helping blind and low vision people everywhere through the power of communication.

We innovate because business as usual is a luxury we no longer have, and developing new systems is an opportunity we can help create. Systems like ZocDoc’s HIPAA-compliant Telehealth Video Service which helps make it easier for healthcare professionals to utilize video visits in a time where providers and patients need virtual care more than ever.

We innovate because we can’t afford not to. Because we believe intelligent communication has the power to change the world. To improve education.To provide disaster relief. To help stop pandemics.

We believe in encouraging our employees and our customers to create a better tomorrow with the empowering workplace we work in each day.

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Christy Lake, Twilio Chief People Officer

Christy is Chief People Officer at Twilio where she leads the company’s global People team. She is responsible for driving the talent development and acquisition strategy, and building infrastructure to support a thriving culture of belonging, diversity and inclusion across the company. Previously, Christy was Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at Box, which she joined with 20 years of experience in culture development, talent strategy and learning and development.