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Dynamically route calls. Let us keep track.

When a call comes in, decide where to route it on the fly. Let callers select via a keypress or use CRM data to automatically direct a call to the right queue. Once in a queue, we keep track of the call so you don’t have to. No databases needed.

Create intelligent wait experiences.

Give users wait experiences that are tailored to them. Each call is executing a unique TwiML session so you're able to say and play different audio to each caller even if they're in the same queue. We also pass your app queue position and wait time so you can modify the call as necessary.

Effortlessly bridge calls together.

Once you’re ready to connect the caller, popping them off the queue is a snap. Use either TwiML or the REST API to dequeue the call and send it to the right place. Before bridging the two calls, you can say or play audio to let them know they're about to be connected.

Realtime stats built-in.

Never wonder how deep the queue is or how long someone has been on the line. We provide live stats on each call and each queue via the API so that you can monitor and respond as necessary. Use these stats to customize the call experience as well as measure your success metrics.

Control queues with the REST API.

We provide a full REST API for call queues so that you can create dynamic voice experiences. Pop callers off the front of the queue or farther down it, if necessary. It’s up to you. Build reporting interfaces that show current wait times and alert you when a queue gets too long.

Build a fully featured voice solution.

We have everything from conferencing to transcription to call recording built right in.
No need to install software updates or buy hardware modules. Just build the voice experience you want.

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