Twilio Developer Kit for T-Mobile Narrowband

Use Twilio's Narrowband IoT Developer Kit and SIM to connect to the T-Mobile Narrowband network.

The first developer kit in the US for narrowband

The Narrowband IoT Developer Kit includes access to a development board, Breakout SDK, Narrowband SIM, and prototyping sensors.

The first Developer Kit for the T-Mobile Narrowband network

Get creative with sensors
Measure distance with a non-contact pulse trigger signal or use basic sensors like temperature and humidity, all included in the Developer Kit.
Prototype quickly
Have an idea? Great! Use the Arduino IDE or the compiler of your choice to get your kit online quickly.
Optimize for low power
Twilio's Breakout SDK manages the onboard U-Blox N410 Modem for you. It enables you to take advantage of enhanced Narrowband network optimizations as they become available.

Step 1: Register your Narrowband SIM

The registration code is the unique alphanumeric code written above the barcode on the back of the SIM. If you don't already have a Twilio account, you can create one during registration.

SIM Registration Docs

Step 2: Insert the SIM into your development board

Once your SIM is registered, you can use the Development Board to connect to Twilio and start experimenting with the Narrowband IoT Developer Kit on the T-Mobile network.

Developer Kit Setup Docs

Step 3: Verify your board connects to the T-Mobile network

When your board first boots up, it will attempt to connect to Twilio. Use the Console to verify that everything is working as expected before proceeding to write your own code.

Developer Kit Setup Docs

Step 4: Build the quickstart app

Using the Arduino IDE, follow the quickstart tutorial to build your first ever Narrowband IoT prototype.

Developer Kit Setup Quickstart