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  • By Kyle Chan
    Creating IVR Templates with Twilio Studio IVR_Studio_Header.png

    An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is critical in reducing operational costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. This blog post will show you how you can build your own API to templatize and deploy a custom IVR system with Twilio Studio.

    Twilio Studio is our no-code visual editor for building, editing and managing workflows. Studio is used by Twilio customers of all kinds and sizes to build everything from order notifications, to conversational IVRs, to survey tools and SMS-enabled chatbots.

    This project was originally built by our team as part of an internal hackathon. Our team's goal was to enable businesses to think outside the box on how our no-code Studio application could be used to help ISV partners build enterprise grade solutions. The API we're showcasing in this blog post was accompanied by a web form where users can sign up and select which IVR flows they would like to …

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  • By Catie Kolander
    Twilio Verify Push - Now Generally Available Verify Push GA

    Twilio Verify has empowered businesses to fight signup abuse, account takeovers, and payments fraud with a fully-managed API solution for verifying users across multiple channels. Today, Verify Push enables customers to verify and authenticate their users during onboarding, logins, and transactions without the risks, hassles, or costs of One-time Passcodes (OTPs).

    We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Twilio Verify Push, which means that it has met Twilio’s highest standards for reliability and scalability, backed by the Twilio SLA guarantee.

    Announcing Verify Push

    Verify Push works in conjunction with your existing authentication implementation to allow you to build secure engagements into your application flows. This fully managed API enables in-app user verification, actively or silently, via a Push. Your end-user responds to the challenge by confirming or denying they initiated the request to access your application.

    At SIGNAL 2021, nextmarkets co-founder and CTO Dominic Heyden, shared …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Wordle-like SMS game with Twilio Serverless Build a Wordle-like SMS game with Twilio Serverless

    I've recently become obsessed with Wordle, a word puzzle game created by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle for his word game-loving partner. As a homage to Josh, and just-for-fun, I created a version of the game that can be played via text message. Read on to learn how to build an SMS word game using the Dictionary API, Twilio Functions, the Twilio Serverless Toolkit, Twilio Assets, and cookies in Twilio Runtime, and play Twordle yourself by texting a 5-letter word or "?" to +12155156567, or here on WhatsApp.

    SMS conversation with the Twordle game phone number.


    1. A Twilio account - sign up for a free one here and receive an extra $10 if you upgrade through this link
    2. A Twilio phone number with SMS capabilities - co …
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  • By Dhruv Patel
    Build a Contact Form in Node.js with SendGrid Header

    Contact forms on web applications are essential as it’s great for signups, customer engagement, or even getting feedback from visitors. There are many solutions when it comes to creating contact forms such as using embedded forms. And although embedded forms are easy to implement, building out your own form allows you to have complete transparency and customization of the form and its processing.

    A great solution to send out emails through contact forms is Twilio Sendgrid. SendGrid offers deliverability, scalability and even in-depth metrics and analytics when it comes to email-based solutions such as contact forms. In this post, you’ll learn how to build a basic contact form with SendGrid to let your visitors contact you which can be incorporated into your Node application.

    Stylized contact form


    Here is what you will need to complete this tutorial:

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  • By Kenneth Ekandem
    How to Create a Restful CRUD API in PHP Using Laravel and Google Firebase How to Create a Restful CRUD API in PHP Using Laravel and Google Firebase

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a RESTful CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) API with Laravel that stores its data in a Firebase realtime database.

    What is Firebase?

    Google Firebase is a Google-backed application development platform that enables developers to develop iOS, Android, and Web-based applications. Firebase provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, creating marketing and product experiments, and much more.

    So, without wasting time, let us dive in.


    1. PHP 7.4, though ideally 8.1.
    2. Composer installed globally.
    3. jq.
    4. Prior experience with Laravel.
    5. A text editor such as Visual Studio Code or an IDE such as PhpStorm.
    6. A Google account.

    Install and set up the Laravel application

    To begin, you first have to install a Laravel application and run it on your local development machine.

    To do that, in your terminal, run the command …

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  • By Niels Swimberghe
    How to send SMS with C# .NET and Azure Functions using the Twilio Output Binding How to send SMS with C# .NET & Azure Functions using Twilio Output Binding

    Azure Functions has its own opinionated way of developing applications based on triggers, input bindings and output bindings. Azure supports two Twilio products using output bindings: Twilio Programmable Messaging for sending SMS and Twilio SendGrid for sending emails.
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send text messages with C# .NET using Azure Functions and Twilio binding.


    You will need these items to follow along:

    • OS that supports .NET (Windows/Mac/Linux)
    • .NET 6 SDK
    • Azure Functions Core Tools
    • A code editor or IDE (Recommended: VS Code with C# plugin, Visual Studio, or JetBrains Rider)
    • A free Twilio account (If you register here, you'll receive $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade to a paid account!)

    Get started with Twilio

    You will need to set up a couple of things with Twilio before developing the Azure function:

    • If you don't already have a Twilio phone number, go and buy a …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Wordle Creator: Twilio Salutes You With An SMS-Based Tribute wordle creator, twordle about post header img

    Like many word nerds and puzzle lovers, I've recently become obsessed with Wordle, a word puzzle game created by Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle for his word game-loving partner.

    wordle tweet about NYT feature

    New Yorker comic by Zoe Si

    new yorker img

    Here's the premise: each day, users have five guesses to guess a five-letter word. After each guess, tiles may change color to reflect how close your guess was to the day's goal word. A green box means the letter was correct and in the right spot, a yellow box means the letter is correct but is located in a different spot, and a gray box means the letter is not in the goal word at all.

    The game has exploded on social media, filling my feeds with the signature green and y …

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  • By Shashwat Johari
    Message Scheduling is Now in Public Beta Message Scheduling.png

    With millions of developers sending and receiving more than 100 billion messages on Twilio every year, we’re focused on releasing the software and developer-friendly APIs that make your job easier.

    One common request we heard was for the ability to schedule messages to be sent at a future date or time. With Message Scheduling, now in Public Beta, you can do just that! This is especially useful for common alerts and notifications use cases where you might wish to send a reminder or update a few days later. Using the Twilio Programmable Messaging API and the message scheduling Messaging Service feature, you can schedule SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages for a future date and time and let Twilio handle the rest. Best of all, the feature is included for free, along with other sender selection, integration, content, and compliance software functionality.

    Why we built Message Scheduling

    While many SMS or …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    Contact Centers: Uncovering Transformation in a Digital Era Contact Centers: Uncovering Transformation in a Digital Era

    "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change."
    -Charles Darwin

    This phrase from Charles Darwin reminds me of how we have evolved in how we live, work, and even how we have fun. Do you remember how you used to watch your favorite TV show or cartoons? I remember that I had to finish my homework and chores at a certain time, so I did not lose my TV show. Yet, there was an inconvenience: I had to watch TV advertisements which sometimes took up 40% of the time I dedicated to the show.

    Nowadays, we have so many alternatives – easier and simpler – to have a pleasant time. Today, I can watch my preferred movies – anytime, anywhere, and without advertisements – by streaming my movies. And beyond that, I can pause and continue …

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  • By Guifré Ballester Basols
    External Storage for Video Recordings is Available to All Customers Copy of Copy of C02 Blog Text.png

    We’re excited to announce that a major feature for Video Recordings is now generally available:

    • External Storage with AWS S3: Customers can configure the Recording service to push Recordings or Compositions directly to their AWS S3 Bucket of choice.

    By default, the media capture pipeline with the Recordings service was stored in AWS S3 within the Twilio Cloud. Now, builders can request to turn on the external storage and instead store the media recording in the AWS S3 bucket designated by them. With this new media storage pipeline feature, the builders only need to call the new APIs to start the media capture and no longer need to worry about extra developments.

    How does External AWS S3 Storage work?

    By default, Recordings and Compositions are stored within the Twilio Cloud. With this new feature, developers can define their preferred AWS S3 bucket for their Video Recordings or Compositions files. …

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