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  • By Dan Bartlett
    Build a Messaging App Demo Proof of Concept with the Twilio Conversations API Messaging App POC Conversations

    Twilio’s Conversations API is described as A single API for seamless conversational messaging”. That sounds really cool, but what kind of things can you actually build with the Conversations API?

    Appfueled used Conversations API to build an engagement portal which resulted in 90% or greater retention rate, 46% more visits per year, and 15% spend for shops – what can it do for your business?

    For starters, the Conversations API is a foundational component in Twilio’s offering and our industry leading software applications, Twilio Flex, and Twilio Frontline, are built on top of the Conversations API.

    But the Conversations API can also be used to power your own multi-party or multi-channel applications. In this blog post, I will walk through configuring and deploying a digital channel Support and Messaging Application powered by Twilio Conversations.

    Applications Architecture

    Before we start building, let me show you the end result. Here …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    Group Texting for Business: How Group MMS Works Group Texting for Business: How Group MMS Works

    Nowadays, you may only associate group texting with friends or family—not as a tool for business. While that might have been accurate a few years ago, group texting for business is becoming more popular.

    Texting is the prevailing form of communication with others, as 83.07% of the world population in 2022 now owns a smartphone. In fact, 48% of consumers say they prefer to communicate with businesses via text—more than email, apps, and direct mail combined. Best of all, 95% of text messages receive a response within 3 minutes of receipt—allowing businesses to reach targeted audiences sooner.

    While SMS remains a powerful way to engage with your customers, sometimes you need to go beyond a 2-way communication method. What if you need to add a third person to the conversation? Or a fourth? Do you have to move the conversation to a messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook …

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  • By Aina Rakotoson
    How I Built a Way for My Mum to Talk to Her Children Using Twilio Voice Conference How I Built a Way for My Mum to Talk to Her Children Using Twilio Voice Conference

    It is crucial for my mum to talk to her children every day. She loves talking with us, even if it’s just to listen to our voices.

    Now that we are grown up, and we don’t live in the same house anymore, she continues her ritual. She takes time every evening to call us one by one with her phone. Sometimes it’s not easy for her, but she never misses a single day without doing it.

    One day I asked her why she didn’t call us in a group like on Facebook or Zoom. She answered that it would take time for her to configure the internet, login into her account, etc. Then I started to imagine a way for her to reach all of her children with a single phone call.

    If you face the same problem as my mum, or you just want to call multiple people with …

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  • By Néstor Campos
    Schedule surprise messages with Twilio SMS for a mystical date How to schedule surprise messages  with Twilio SMS  for a mystical date

    Imagine that you want to give a fantastic dinner to your loved ones a great New Year's Eve dinner, but you want to keep it a surprise for as long as possible. So you decide to start sending them different SMS messages with a series of clues on different days to maintain the "mystique" of this surprise.

    In this article, you will create a console application to send scheduled SMS messages with Twilio that are sent at a specific time/date.


    You will need the following for your development environment:

    You can find the source code of this tutorial in this GitHub repository.

    Configure Twilio

    Get your …

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  • By Daniel Lawson
    Distributed sessions in ASP.NET Core How to distribute sessions in ASP.NET Core

    In this article, you will learn what sessions are and how to use them in your ASP.NET Core applications. Then, you will see the limitations of the default session and how to get beyond them by distributing your sessions.


    You will need the following to realize the project in this article:

    What are sessions?

    The HTTP protocol is, by default, stateless. But sometimes it's essential to hold onto user data while users are browsing your website. This data can help to remember their recent actions. For example, on an e-commerce website, this data can help to store products …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Get Started Testing an API Built With Golang Get Started Testing  a Golang API

    Writing code that "works" is the easy part. The real issue is writing code that "lasts". Whether it’s a change in team membership or a change in requirements, your code should be able to grow with the changes, by virtue of a well-defined architecture, and also identify breaking changes/unhandled edge cases that may arise due to said changes.

    This article - the second in a series; aims to show you how testing will help you with the latter requirement. It will introduce testing in Golang and focus on unit testing a REST API. You will build on the first article to write tests for existing features, as well as employ test-driven development in the implementation of a new feature.


    To follow this tutorial, you will need the following:

    Get started

    If you already …

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  • By Ranjeet Sidhu
    More Channels with Less Code Content API Private Beta Blog (1)

    The Twilio Content API and Content Editor power the next-generation of omni-channel messaging.

    New Channels, New Challenges

    New messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s Business Messages offer rich interactive experiences that boost engagement and delight customers. However, keeping up with the latest features across all channels can be challenging.

    With new rich messaging features like buttons and lists, content rules and feature capabilities vary widely across channels. For developers integrating with channel providers directly this means embarking upon a time-intensive and complex development effort. To reach customers on the channel they prefer, content must be t …

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  • By Al Kiramoto
    Increase Customer Engagement with Click-to-Text Click-to-Text Engagement Hero

    Are you still wondering about the power of text? According to Gartner, SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively — in contrast to corresponding figures of 20% and 6% for email. And according to Statista, Mobile browsing accounts for about 60% of all website traffic, and continues to grow. And further, according to, there are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users, and 42% ordered a product using their smartphones.

    For these reasons (and more!), using a specially designed link or button on your mobile webpage or QR codes at your store will help you improve your customer engagement. How’s that?

    1. Speed: Quickly and seamlessly opt-in your users with just a click.
    2. Accuracy: You don’t need to worry about your users typing in the wrong phone numbers or keywords.
    3. Tracking: You can also track based on keywords …
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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Send Bulk SMS With Go and Twilio Send Bulk SMS  With Go and Twilio

    Sometimes, nothing beats a good old SMS. The delivery of an SMS is not reliant on the recipient having any form of connection to the internet. This makes it highly reliable when delivering critical notifications. In certain instances, such as Amber alerts, for example, these notifications need to be sent in bulk to a wide audience.

    You might be wondering how difficult it would be to implement such a system. Well, with Twilio it’s actually a breeze. In this post, I will show you how to build a bulk SMS-sending application using Golang, powered by Twilio.


    To follow this tutorial, you will need the following:

    Set up the project

    The first thing you need to do is to create a project directory and change …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    4 Reasons to Try Facebook Messenger Ads facebook messenger ads

    Social media feed ads have become so commonplace that users often scroll right past them—unless these are hyperpersonalized or particularly eye-catching. Or if they click on them, users can quickly lose interest if they don’t immediately find what they want.

    But this doesn’t mean social media advertising isn’t effective. It just means that marketers must try innovative ways to capture customers’ attention, such as engaging them in a conversation.

    This is why some marketers turn to conversational ads on channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. These ads invite personalized communication with qualified prospects and can lead to better conversions.

    If you’re just learning about conversational ads, you’re not alone—it's an underused type of social media advertising that’s starting to pick up steam. This post will get you caught up on what Facebook Messenger ads are and why you should give them a try.

    What are Facebook Messenger ads?

    Facebook Messenger ads …

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