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Modifying a Conversation, Message, or Participant

You can modify certain objects in the Conversations SDK (i.e. Conversation, Message, Participant) for connected Users with appropriate permissions.


You can update a Conversation object by calling one of the appropriate methods for your chosen language.

For the Conversation, Message, or Participant data object, you could update some specific properties. Please refer to Update a Conversation, Message or Participant code sample.



        You can delete a Conversation object by calling the appropriate method for your chosen language. When you remove a Conversation object, all its Messages, attached Media, and Participants will be deleted.

        If you want to only delete a Message from a Conversation, call the specific method to remove it from the Conversation, and destroy any attached Media.

        If you want to only delete a Participant from a Conversation, call the specific method to remove them from the Conversation.


              Please note that when you delete a parent object, you will also delete its child object. For example, if you remove a Conversation, then all Messages and Participants will be automatically deleted.

              Check out our auto-generated documentation for more information about Conversations SDK methods and properties: JavaScript, Android or iOS.

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