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Get Started with Flex Conversations

This Twilio product is currently available as a Beta release. Some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Use of this Beta release is subject to the relevant terms of the applicable license agreement. Beta products are not covered by a Twilio SLA. Learn more about beta product support.

All new Flex accounts use Flex UI 2.0. If you need to use Programmable Chat and Proxy, please see the FAQ.

Flex Conversations is the next generation architecture for async channel capabilities. It supports SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and Chat and uses Twilio Conversations and the Interactions API for building contact center workflows for those channels. The following diagram illustrates the high-level topology of Flex Conversations:

Conversations Primitive Diagram for all Digital Channels

Flex Conversations provides the following async channel capabilities and contact center features:

  • Rich text formatting options for chat
  • Attachments for all channels – SMS/MMS (US only), WhatsApp and Chat (see Channel attachment Limits for details on file size limits and accepted file types)
  • Read receipts for WhatsApp and Chat
  • Includes a supported open source demo web chat application that works with Twilio Conversations and supports guest chat users
Role Features
Administrators The ability to configure inbound SMS/MMS, and WhatsApp, and associate Addresses with Studio Flows and webhook URLs
Developers Twilio Conversations and the Interactions API for managing Conversation contacts, participants, custom chat channels, address configurations, webhooks, and events
Agents Handle inbound and outbound async channel tasks with rich text formatting (for channels that support rich text formatting)
Supervisors Monitor SMS, WhatsApp, and Chat interactions

Next Steps

  • For more details on the difference between Legacy Messaging and Conversations, see the FAQ page.
  • Set up your account with Flex Conversations.
  • Learn about Flex UI 2.0.
  • Use the Interactions API to route and facilitate inbound and outbound SMS, WhatsApp, and Chat interactions.
  • Manage SMS, WhatsApp, and Chat addresses in the Flex Console.
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