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US App to Person Messaging Service Use Case Resource

This resource is related to United States A2P 10DLC registration. For more information on A2P 10DLC registration, please see our support article What is A2P 10DLC?

The US App to Person (A2P) Messaging Service Use Case Resource allows you to fetch possible A2P use cases for a Messaging Service. The use cases that are returned as a response are determined by the use cases that your US A2P Brand is qualified for. There are several Standard and Special use case types.

With this REST API you can:

US App to Person Messaging Service Use Case Resource Properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
object[] Not PII

Human readable name, code, description and post_approval_required (indicates whether or not post approval is required for this Use Case) of A2P Campaign Use Cases.

Fetch Possible US A2P Campaign Use Cases for a Messaging Service

Parameters in REST API format
get sid<MG> Not PII

The SID of the Messaging Service to fetch the resource from.

get sid<BN> Not PII

The unique string to identify the A2P brand.

Example 1

        Below is a list of Standard and Special campaign use case types for A2P 10DLC. Special use cases my qualify for increased messaging throughput, and may also qualify for reduced carrier fees.

        For more information on campaign use cases, please see List of Campaign Use Case Types for A2P 10DLC Registration (support article).

        Standard Use Case Types

        Special Use Case Types
        • 2FA
        • Account Notifications
        • Customer Care
        • Delivery Notifications
        • Fraud Alert Messaging
        • Higher Education
        • Marketing
        • Mixed
        • Polling and Voting
        • Public Service Announcement
        • Security Alert
        • Agents and Franchises
        • Charity / 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
        • Proxy
        • Emergency
        • Social
        • Sweepstakes

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