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Twilio Data Privacy

Your privacy is our priority


Twilio Privacy

The pillars of Twilio data protection


Privacy by design

Data protection informs how we create products, choose partners, and even structure company culture. Twilio builds privacy into all products by design and by default, collecting minimal data that’s shielded by layers of technical, organizational, and contractual safeguards to ensure privacy at every step.


Global protection

We rely on our Binding Corporate Rules to uphold an exemplary standard of user data protection worldwide. This rigorous code of conduct ensures that all personal data is processed to customer expectations and protected regardless of its origin or destination. Our Data Protection Addendum is available to help you understand cross-border data transfers, jurisdiction-specific protections, and the details of how we handle and secure personal data.


Proactive compliance

Data protection compliance is always evolving, and we respect our customers’ need to ensure that Twilio meets the current requirements. Brush up on the latest regulations in our up-to-date resource library or reach out to the Privacy Team with any questions about our data protection practices.


Transparency and control

We provide privacy resources and controls to help you make meaningful choices about how your data is used.

Twilio’s Code of Conduct

Privacy is our code


Dedicated and certified

We uphold our privacy commitments through the code of conduct laid down in our Binding Corporate Rules. Our strict governance practices are recognized by global data protection authorities and maintained with regular audits of our data protection standards and performance.

Twilio Privacy

Privacy at every step

We work hard to protect your information and that of your customers. The Twilio privacy program reflects a comprehensive and enduring commitment to your privacy and secure communications. If you have any questions, please visit the Twilio support page.