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Block Spam Calls

By Twilio

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This is an example app that:

  • Uses Twilio Add-ons from the Twilio Add-ons Marketplace to block unwanted voice calls
  • Integrates 3 spam Add-ons from the Marketplace (Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation, Marchex Clean Call, and Nomorobo Spam Score)

How it works:

  • When your Twilio number receives an inbound call, this code will check the spam rating of the phone number on all 3 spam Add-ons
  • If all 3 Add-ons deem the number to be spam, the number will be blocked
  • If the number is not deemed spam, the call will be forwarded to the customer

Step 1: Choose a language

Step 2: You need an API key to get started

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Step 3: Set up the code sample locally



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