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Twilio Webchat React app

By Twilio

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What is it

Twilio Webchat React app is an application that demonstrates a website chat widget built with Twilio's Conversations JS SDK, Twilio Paste Design Library and Create React App. It’s also fully integrated with Twilio Flex allowing you to add a basic website chat widget to your website with minimum effort.

What you get

This open source repository includes:

  • Basic chat features like typing indicators, read receipts and attachments support
  • Integration to your Twilio Flex customer support center
  • Web Accessibility with Twilio Paste
  • Easy instructions to run locally or deploy to your website
  • No code changes are required to get started. Use as is or clone to customize to your needs

Step 1:

Step 2: You need an API key to get started

Get a free API key

Step 3: Set up the code sample locally



Read setup instructions

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