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Virtual Collaboration and Education

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Web application that streams content from a host user machine to one or more remote users over the internet. Includes whiteboarding, screen sharing, chat, and annotation. Great starting place for education apps, to build a virtual classroom, or to otherwise communicate via video the way you might otherwise communicate in person.

  • The host user can select any video they want to stream from their local directory
  • The host user is provided with a canvas, where diagrams can be created and streamed in real-time to remote users. The host user's voice is also captured. This feature can serve as an online classroom.
  • The host user can also capture their screen and stream it over the internet.
  • During a stream, Connected users can engage in conversations using the live chat feature.


Step 1:

Step 2: You need an API key to get started.
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Step 3: Set up the code sample locally



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