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Email API Integration

Email API integration allows senders to easily sync their email service provider with their platform and software tools to automate key functions

Email API integration allows you to connect your email service provider to your own platform and your marketing, sales, or CRM tools. In doing so, you can sync data and create hybrid, customized systems that empower your workforce and leverage your technology via a single interface.

The term API stands for Application Programming Interface. It's essentially a language and message format that allows communication between the web application and the program that provides the services for the web app. With email API integration, you can simply define the parameters passed between your Email Service Provider (ESP) using some business logic and code, and set up advanced functionality between 2 or more separate applications.

The main benefit of email API integration is automation. Depending on your ESP, you can use different types of email APIs to synchronize data or content, and automate many functions, so you can spend less time administering your email programs. For example, by syncing your ESP with your web app, you can automatically remove emails with spam complaints from your entire database. Or, pull email response data from your ESP into your platform and deliver comprehensive reports to your team - all with a simple email API integration.

When evaluating your email API integration needs, look for ESP providers with robust APIs with high performance. Try to determine your needs for the future, as you will likely want advanced customization as your growth. Do you want to sync your contacts, merge your analytics, send triggered emails in response to user actions, or cleanse your database based on a set of conditions? Once you determine what you want to do, identify the tools that need to speak to each other in order for the email API integration to work flawlessly.

SendGrid provides a series of flexible web and SMTP APIs for easy email API integration for both transactional email and marketing email. We have a series of APIs, each of which provide comprehensive solutions to customize and power your platform, including:

  • Event Webhook - This will notify a URL via HTTP POST of events that occur as SendGrid processes email. Most Event Webhook users automatically remove unsubscribes, determine unengaged recipients, identify bounced addresses, or react to spam reports.
  • Parse Webhook - Parses the attachments and contents of incoming emails and POST the parsed email to a URL. This allows users to receive mail from any of the addresses on their recipient list.
  • SMTP API - Allows users to specify custom-handling instructions for their email through a header inserted into the body of the message. The header can be added to any SMTP message sent to SendGrid.
  • Web API - Allows SendGrid customers to retrieve information and statistics about their account, including spam reports, bounces, and unsubscribes.

All APIs are fully documented and many provide examples for you to test even the most complex email API integration scenarios. Moreover, our systems are set up to process thousands of requests each minute ensuring that you can power your app with the greatest speed and reliability. Bring your platform to the next level by integrating with SendGrid.

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