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Transactional Email Templates

Transactional email templates are pre-coded email layouts that anyone can use to easily create and send transactional emails.

Transactional email templates are pre-coded email layouts that marketers, designers, and developers can use to quickly and easily create transactional email campaigns. SendGrid's transactional email templates allow non-technical and technical people alike to make real-time changes to the email their recipients receive.

In the past, creating an email required marketers to work with designers and developers to develop the final message received by recipients. The SendGrid transactional template editor relieves a lot of this work by providing marketers and designers with various email layouts they can use within The SendGrid UI. This frees up developers to focus on more important projects, while the marketers can easily create and send their emails.

SendGrid's transactional templates(link takes you to an external page) give each user the ability to create their own templates for each of the transactional emails they need to send. Different email templates can be created, saved, and edited for purchase receipt emails, account notification emails, or password reset emails.

Using Transactional Templates

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Transactional templates allow users to modify their content via WYSIWG or HTML. They also allow users to preview how transactional email templates will look on both mobile and desktop platforms(link takes you to an external page). The email experts have also created a few responsive email templates(link takes you to an external page) so that you can make sure your messages look great on any device.

The transactional templates design section allows marketers to easily design a template, without the need for complex coding. Developers can then manage multiple templates created with a RESTful API and integrate them into applications.

To learn more about the SendGrid transactional email templates, you can visit the technical documentation, or the API Reference By using SendGrid's transactional template application, marketers can maintain control of their email design while enjoying the strong email deliverability that SendGrid provides. They can create a vast array of different email templates, all with the confidence of knowing their emails will reach the inbox.

Contact the SendGrid support team(link takes you to an external page) if you have any questions about implementing and using transactional templates or visit our blog to learn more about marketing and transactional email best practices(link takes you to an external page).

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