The executive leader's guide to customer engagement

How to build omnichannel communications that increase loyalty

Entrepreneur engaging with a customer through a phone call.

With macroeconomic challenges like record inflation sweeping the globe, it’s more important than ever for executives to be tactical about customer engagement to lower customer acquisition costs and grow customer lifetime value. 

The data could not be clearer. According to Twilio’s 2022 State of Customer Engagement report, companies that made moves to more strategically invest in digital customer engagement have seen their topline revenues rise by an average of 70%. They expect that by 2025, their investment in this key area will almost double, rising by 93.5%. 

But the question still remains: How can businesses create durable customer relationships with every interaction?

The answer: a customer engagement platform.

What is a customer engagement platform (CEP)?

customer engagement platform is a modern platform that creates precise and personalized customer experiences—combining real-time data with omnichannel reach—to increase customer lifetime value and build durable, trusted customer relationships. It brings a customer data platform (CDP) and robust communications platform as a service (CPaaS) together with intelligent orchestration of personalized interactions across channels. 

With zero-party and first-party data collected by a CDP, businesses are able to build a unified customer profile—precisely understanding unique customers at scale. After all, zero-party data is intentionally and proactively shared by customers, while first-party data is customer information collected online or offline from sources an organization owns. By collecting all this data, companies gain real-time context they need to help customer-facing teams like sales, marketing, and customer support perform effectively. 

How can a CEP help executives? 

A CEP allows executives and their businesses to scale and meet requirements for services, security, and compliance set by enterprise companies. It also delivers a holistic understanding of every individual customer, plus the tools to advise and mentor them on a journey that builds a durable relationship. 

With a CEP, executives can meet intensified digital competition by making their customers feel understood with personalized communications across channels, while adapting to sweeping shifts in privacy and transparency. 

“Twilio’s approach (to a Customer Engagement Platform) differs because it automatically creates data building blocks that help to intersect and automate conversations across customer journeys.”

Omdia Universe Customer Engagement Platform Provider

Why executives should take advantage of Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform

Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform brings the #1 leader in CPaaS together with the data-driven power of the world’s #1 CDP, Twilio Segment . It provides the world’s most customer-obsessed brands with the modern tools, understanding, and flexibility they need to know each customer and engage with them personally. 

Recognized by Omida—a leading research and analyst group in the technology space—as a customer engagement platform leader in 2022, Twilio’s CEP garnered the highest score among vendors for customer experience. Plus, according to the Omdia Universe: Customer Engagement Platform Provider report, "Twilio Segment, the company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), serves as the data engine to drive such real-time engagement. Twilio should appear on your shortlist if you want a data-rich CDP at the core of your customer engagement platform.”

Twilio’s modern, data-driven approach to customer engagement harnesses the benefits, of build and buy—with elegant solutions to complex challenges and the flexibility to meet every executive’s unique business needs. 

In this guide, executives will learn how to help their companies develop a competitive ROI advantage, drive brand loyalty, and grow long-term profitability with Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform.