Advancing healthcare for the digital age

How to deliver more personalized, convenient, and intuitive experiences across the healthcare ecosystem

A nurse and patient laughing about a quick recovery.

Today’s consumers expect satisfying digital solutions for everything from their grocery delivery to remote education. In this world of accelerated digital transformation, people are approaching healthcare with a consumer mindset as well.

Providers are keen to create better healthcare access and outcomes by delivering the digital services that patients want for booking, treatment, and follow-up. However, they’re hesitant to disrupt clinical workflows when staff and resources are already strained.

Payors, pharma, and health tech companies are also facing challenges around digitization. Whether they’re dealing with complex billing, inefficient clinical trials, or torrents of streaming device data, all are looking for better ways to engage with the people they serve.

In roles as varied as chief clinical officer, member experience executive, or director of population health, leaders in these health fields share the common goal of improving patient and provider experiences.

A new era of human relationships

Digital has transformed how healthcare organizations reach people in meaningful ways. Compelling, innovative solutions are emerging, from personalized home monitoring systems that improve postpartum care to simple messaging tweaks proven to reduce vaccine hesitancy. Telehealth is providing unprecedented convenience, not only in primary care and pediatric consultations, but also in subspecialties as diverse as respiratory therapy and mental health.

Read on to learn how technology creates tools that fit seamlessly into existing systems and workflows, delivering better, more humane experiences across the healthcare ecosystem.

If engaging with your people matters to you, it’s time to take control over how you communicate with them.

In this eBook, you'll learn how to:

Chapter 1: Put patients first in how you communicate

  • The power of omnichannel
  • HIPAA compliant security & privacy
  • Patient self-service, outreach, and virtual care


Chapter 2: Transform end-to-end health engagement

  • Bringing a voice to the data
  • Managing chronic conditions remotely
  • Reimagining the waiting room


Chapter 3: Elevate workspace experiences

  • Remote team communication
  • Call routing and optimization
  • Reinventing the patient billing experience


Chapter 4: Build trusted solutions

  • Keep patients protected and connected
  • Revolutionize secure communication
  • Develop reliable solutions