4th Annual Impact Report

Twilio’s 2023 Impact and DEI Report

Connecting our product, capital, and people to advance our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) work.

Opus team reviewing Twilio communication
Opus team reviewing Twilio communication

Letter from the CEO

Twilio CEO Khozema Shipchandler headshot.
Twilio CEO Khozema Shipchandler headshot.

Back in 2013, we established Twilio.org to harness the power of our communications solutions for good. Today we are celebrating over a decade of Twilio.org helping social impact organizations expand their reach and scale their missions.

Reflecting back on the last ten years, I’m immensely proud of the role Twilio.org has played in supporting organizations to scale their impact both globally and locally. Ultimately, our technology is used by more than 20,000 social impact organizations to establish a connection with the communities they serve. On a global scale, the connection is in action to drive vaccinations and combat misinformation during global crises like COVID-19. That connection has also been established on a local level, for example, to ensure senior citizens who face food insecurity are notified that their donated meals are on the way. 

When it comes to solving the big social issues of our world, these connections have the potential to alter the course of people’s lives. For instance, Polaris, which operates the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline, uses Twilio Flex to connect victims, survivors, and those supporting them to essential resources and service provider referrals. Similarly, the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization focused on LGBTQIA+ youth, introduced its TrevorText service, allowing them to help more youth in crisis, faster. Additionally, Atma Connect uses SMS to deliver locally-relevant alerts to flood-prone communities in Indonesia. All these organizations inspire us daily by innovating with our technology to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

As we look to the future, we are facing a huge opportunity to accelerate this work with AI. We have endless opportunities to help these organizations continue to innovate with the power of Twilio’s communications offerings, our data capabilities, and AI infused throughout to accelerate their impact. I look forward to seeing what’s next for these organizations as they continue to push the bounds of what we can accomplish with technology.


Let's go!

Khozema Shipchandler

2023 highlights


We define a “person reached” as an individual who has sent or received a message or phone call through one of our Twilio.org customers. We count each phone number only once, even if they have engaged multiple customers or received multiple messages. This count also includes the unique number of individuals who have received emails from Twilio.org customers that do not also use Twilio’s messaging and voice products. This information is tracked (anonymously) via Twilio’s backend system. This metric may exclude individuals who were contacted by one of our Twilio.org customers through products other than messaging, voice, and email.

We define social impact customers as the eligible social impact organization types listed here that have usage in December 2023. A single social impact organization may use multiple unique active accounts.

3 Includes employee donations, Twilio’s matching donations, and volunteer and giving rewards from Twilio.

4 To calculate grants and donations provided in 2023, we count dollars the Twilio.org Impact Fund deployed in 2023, including capital that was committed in previous years and deployed in 2023.