The User Authentication Decision Maker’s Guide

Women working on laptop
Women working on laptop


Fraud is expensive. One study found that midsize and enterprise organizations in the US lose nearly $700 billion annually due to skewed data distortion caused by fake traffic from bots and fraudulent accounts. 

Beyond the monetary implications, these fake users pose a substantial reputational risk to your business. From data leaks to fake transactions to identity theft, knowing your customers are who they say they are is paramount to business success. 

However, identifying the most suitable authentication strategies for your business and its specific risk profile can prove to be a complex task. You also need to find the balance between having enough authentication measures in place to deter malicious actors, all while fast tracking legitimate users with minimal frustration and unnecessary hurdles.

Luckily, by understanding the fundamental principles of authentication and implementing effective strategies, organizations can fortify their defenses against fraudulent activities and build better experiences for their users. In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • Different authentication factors and methods

  • Tips on how to choose the best authentication solution for your business

  • Best practices for keeping your systems secure.

  • And more 

Read on to learn how to protect both your business and your users with the right user authentication solution for your needs. 

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