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Publisher Onboarding

Request publisher invitation

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Twilio Marketplace is currently in Public Beta. During this time, partners who wish to publish Add-ons must submit a Support ticket(link takes you to an external page).

The publisher onboarding process

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After speaking with the Twilio Marketplace partner team, please follow the steps below to publish your Add-on in our catalog.

Step 1. Identify your APIs that can be packaged up into one or more relevant Add-ons in the Twilio Marketplace. Currently, the following types of Add-ons are available. Please see the guide How to Publish Add-ons for full details of available Twilio content and partner requirements.

Add-on TypeAvailable Integration Point(s) for CustomersData available to PartnersConsumption Mode
Phone Number Add-onLookups, Incoming SMS, Incoming VoicePhone Number (single, to, from)Synchronous
Message Analysis Add-onIncoming SMSPhone Numbers, Message BodySynchronous
Recording Analysis Add-onRecordingsAudio File (single channel)Asynchronous

Step 2. Complete Form Submission Part 1: Submit the Technical Submission Form linked to below. The goal of this step is to confirm your service conforms to our base technical requirements and that your proposed Add-on is feasible in our Marketplace. You must complete this step before moving onto the remaining steps.

The Onboarding Team will validate your submission and follow up to the email addresses provided within five business days. After passing this step, you will be sent links to complete the remaining forms below.

Step 3. Complete Form Submission Part 2: Submit the remaining forms, listed below, to finalize your Add-on. The onboarding team must collect this information from you in order to configure your marketing collateral in the Marketplace. After receiving all the required forms, the onboarding team will validate your submission and follow up within ten business days.

  • Add-on Marketing and Support Submission Form
  • Add-on Legal Submission Form
  • Add-on Security Submission Form

Links to these forms will be provided to you after yo have passed Step 2.

Step 4. Review Marketing Collateral: After the onboarding team has configured your marketing collateral, they will provide you a ghost link which will allow you to preview your Marketplace listing. You will be allowed to provide one round of edits before entering Private Beta.

Step 5. Enter Developer Preview: After completing the edits, your Add-on will enter Developer Preview in the Marketplace. This will allow customers to "Request Access" to it. Twilio will evaluate your Add-on during this period.

Step 6. Enter GA: After passing necessary evaluation and testing, your Add-on will move into GA (General Availability) and become available to all customers.

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