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Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is a programmable contact center platform that gives businesses complete control over the customer engagement with the speed and flexibility of the cloud. Businesses have the freedom to offer the exact contact center experience they want to their customers and agents, using Twilio Flex.

The Twilio Flex platform offers unlimited customization with enterprise-grade tools such as an omnichannel agent desktop, a visual flow builder, attribute-based routing and AI. With Twilio Flex, businesses get voice, SMS, chat, email, video, and more channels out-of-the-box and can easily add new ones in the future. It integrates with any CRM, workforce management, and reporting systems or even with existing call center infrastructure. Twilio Flex is designed to scale to the largest enterprises, built on the same communications platform trusted by 50,000+ businesses.

The Twilio Flex platform is architected for unlimited customizability. Every aspect of the contact center interaction can be programmed using simple web languages. Out of the box, Twilio Flex provides a range of agent and customer user interfaces, a visual flow builder, and pre-built routing logic that can be customized — from the look and feel to the flow and function. The Twilio Flex platform includes:

    • Agent Desktop A fully customizable agent desktop and supervisor desktop with real-time dashboards for optimizing team performance and SLAs.
    • Customer Frame A set of customizable components such as click-to-call and click-to-chat that can be embedded into websites or mobile apps.
    • Flow Builder Powered by Twilio Studio, a visual application builder to customize interaction flows from IVRs and chat to SMS-based appointment reminders and surveys.
    • Programmable Routing Powered by Twilio TaskRouter, pre-built omnichannel routing logic to optimize for CSAT or conversion rates.
    • Open Platform A rich set of fully documented APIs to gives businesses the freedom to integrate any CRM, WFM, WFO, reporting tool, or data store. Businesses can also use the Twilio Marketplace to deploy new capabilities using pre-integrated partner technologies with one click.

The Twilio Flex platform is built with omnichannel communications at its core. This gives businesses the freedom to instantly add new channels, whether they are traditional channels like voice, email and chat, or newer ones such as social messaging apps, video, and home assistants. Businesses can finally serve their customers with the choice of channels they prefer today, and future-proof their experience. Twilio Flex is the only platform that gives businesses full ownership of their customer interaction data across all channels to use in other systems.

Twilio Flex brings contextual intelligence across the lifecycle of every customer interaction. Businesses can build conversational assistants and fully-integrated bots, trained within the context of the business, to help customers without human oversight. During an interaction, businesses can provide contextual suggestions to their agents and automatically flag interactions for supervisor intervention. Since Twilio Flex is an open platform, businesses can bring their own existing ML models and keep tighter control over their data.

The Twilio Flex platform is built on the Twilio Cloud Communications Platform, powering 50,000+ businesses and billions of interactions with a 99.99% SLA. Twilio has been recognized by DMG Research as the second largest cloud contact center infrastructure platform (by the number of seats), powering innovative SaaS providers such as Zendesk, Talkdesk and Serenova as well as large enterprise contact centers at ING, Liberty Mutual and Zillow.

Underpinning the platform is Twilio’s Super Network, a geographically distributed and scalable infrastructure, and a highly reliable network of thousands of carrier connections worldwide with built-in redundancy. Designed for the very largest enterprises, Twilio Flex presents businesses the opportunity to reach people in over 100 countries without having to manage any infrastructure or carrier relationships.

Twilio Flex is the only contact center platform that provides businesses with both control and speed — no more compromises. Complete customization, new channels, and global connectivity are all available through one powerful cloud platform. No infrastructure, special skills, or telco contracts needed.

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