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API Libraries

API libraries make it easy for you to use the Twilio APIs from your language or framework of choice. Below you'll find a list of officially supported libraries as well as libraries and projects contributed by members of our developer community. Official libraries are tested against the latest version of the API.

These libraries are open source, so if you find a feature missing or a bug, we encourage you to contribute back to the project.



  • twilio twilio-ruby - Official Ruby gem for the Twilio API
  • webficient/twilio by Webficient - A Ruby wrapper for the Twilio REST API and Twilio response handlers
  • twilio-rb by Steven Graham - The Ruby way to interact with the Twilio API
  • Twilio-Rails by Hemant Bhanoo - Makes developing twilio applications (even) easier in rails
  • sms-rb by Pat Nakajima - Send text messages with Twilio. Easily.


  • twilio twilio-python - Official Python module for the Twilio API
  • django-twilio by Randall Degges - A simple library for building twilio-powered Django webapps.


  • twilio twilio-csharp - Official .NET library for the Twilio API
  • TwilioSharp by Jacob Gable - A Set of C# Helpers for returning TwiML from .Net MVC 3 Sites
  • twilio.sugar by Billy Coover - C# 4.0 wrapper to Twilio Rest API
  • Twilio Server Library by Tony Gravagno - TSL.NET is a client library for creating .NET applications with Twilio
  • TwiML Sharp by Tyler Kline - A set of wrapper classes to speed the integration of TwiML when using ASP.NET
  • TwilioFluent by Nick Sivo - Makes generating TwiML responses and handling Twilio requests incredibly easy.


  • twilio twilio-java - Official Java library for the Twilio API
  • gwt-twilio by Alessio Harri - A GWT library that wraps the existing Twilio Client javascript library.

Salesforce /


JavaScript and GAS

  • wakanda-twilio by Alexandre Morgaut - A Twilio helper library for Wakanda Server
  • twilio-gas by Samy Vacheresse - Google Apps Script helper library for twilio based on the twilio-node



  • Scwilio by Dag Liodden - A Scala Twilio library



Adobe ColdFusion

  • Twilio Library by Jason Fill - Enables simple integration with both Twilio voice and SMS services

Adobe LiveCycle

Mule ESB

Don't see your language? We are always looking to expand our API libraries. If you have a library, send an email to