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Add-on Support

Add-ons are provided and supported by Add-on Partners in the Twilio Marketplace. Support information for Add-on Partners — phone numbers, support email, expected resolution times and process — varies from Add-on to Add-on and is documented in the Add-on’s detail page.

The following table outlines when to contact Twilio for Add-on related issues and when you need to reach out to the Add-on Partner:

Issue Support provided by
I don’t see the AddOns parameter in my callbacks Twilio
Error Codes 61000, 61003, 61006, 61009 Twilio
Error Codes 61001, 61002, 61004, 61005, 61007, 61008 Add-on Partner
Error Codes other than those specified above Twilio
Add-on results are not accurate or as per expectations specified in the Add-ons documentation Add-on Partner

When you contact Twilio or an Add-on Partner to request support for an Add-on, you should provide the following information to help identify and resolve your issue:

Identifier What is it Where to find it
Add-on Unique Name Human-readable unique identifier used to invoke specific Add-ons and consume their results in the Twilio APIs.

Example: twilio_caller_identity
Available in the Console, in the Installed Add-ons section
Request Sid The unique identifier of a particular Add-on request. Used for billing and debugging.

Example: XRxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is available in the API response or callback you receive from Twilio that contains the Add-on results
Add-on Install Sid A unique identifier for a developer install of an Add-on.

Example: MCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Available in the Console, in the Installed Add-ons section
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