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Supported Products

Add-ons are currently available for Programmable SMS, Programmable Voice - Calls & Recordings, and Lookups.

They process the content that Twilio provides from these products by tapping into the Add-on Provider’s data sources or using their technology to analyze the it, and provide their results back to you as a JSON dictionary, added to the existing Twilio APIs you use today.

Examples of Add-ons include Phone number based queries for demographic & marketing data, Number fraud/spam blacklist, Recordings Transcription, Message sentiment analysis, etc.

The following Twilio content is available for Add-ons to enhance: Phone Numbers, Incoming Message body, Call recordings.

Add-on Type Products that support this type of Add-on Data available to Add-on Consumption Mode
Phone Number Add-on Lookups, Programmable SMS, Programmable Voice - Calls Phone Numbers Synchronous
Message Analysis Add-on Programmable SMS Phone Numbers, Message Body Synchronous
Recording Analysis Add-on (coming soon) Programmable Voice - Recordings Audio File (single channel) Asynchronous
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