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Twilio Add-ons Guide

Add-ons are pre-integrated partner technologies that let developers do more with the Twilio API. They make it possible to quickly build rich communications experiences by combining Twilio and third-party capabilities by giving you the ability to choose the right technology for your needs without having to learn, test, and manage different platforms.

Add-ons are available through the Twilio Marketplace; you can access the catalog here. There you can choose from a list of verified Add-ons and install them in a single click. Once installed, they enhance Twilio APIs to deliver the partner capability, such as returning the spam score of a phone number or providing sentiment analysis for a message.

With Add-ons, you get:

  • Catalog of vetted options: Browse Add-ons from a growing list of partners in the Twilio Marketplace. We verify each Add-on, so you don’t have to.

  • One-click integration: Enable Add-ons in a single click. New functionality is available through the same Twilio API, saving the time to learn a new platform.

  • Pay-as-you-go: Get started with no contracts or commitments. You will be billed through Twilio for what for what you use.

Add-ons are designed to simplify the process of integrating with disparate technologies & platforms that would otherwise involve:

  1. Searching and vetting options

  2. Learning the APIs that each vendor offers

  3. Entering into contracts, establishing minimum commits

  4. Building and testing the integration

  5. Maintaining the integration as products from different companies evolve.

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