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Sink Validate Resource

The Sink Validate Resource is responsible for confirming that a Sink has been properly configured and is ready to be toggled to the active state.

To create an active Kinesis Sink, you'll need to complete the following steps. Webhook Sinks are active by default but you can choose to validate them if you would like to. The steps in bold are handled using the Sink Validate Resource:

  1. Create a new Sink Resource. The status of Kinesis Sinks will be initialized by default. The status of Webhook Sinks will be active by default.
  2. Create a Sink Test resource using your new Sink. This will publish a test event to your Sink, confirming that you've set up your Sink properly.
  3. Check your Sink to see if the Test event was successfully published.
  4. If the test was successful, retrieve the test_id and create a Sink Validate Resource. This will let Twilio know that you successfully configured the Sink, and will toggle the Sink state to active.

SinkValidate properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
string Not PII

Feedback indicating whether the given Sink was validated.

Create a SinkValidate resource


Validates a Sink whose generated test ID matches the supplied test ID.

If the "test_id" does not match the "test_id" that was sent with the test event, the endpoint will return a 400 and the sink status does not change. If the "test_id" supplied is correct, then the Sink returns a 201 and the status of the Sink will be updated to active and the sink described in the configuration will begin to receive data.

Parameters in REST API format
post sid<DG> Not PII

A 34 character string that uniquely identifies the Sink being validated.

post string Not PII

A 34 character string that uniquely identifies the test event for a Sink being validated.

Example 1
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        Post Sink Validate

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