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Event Streams

Event Streams is an API that allows you to tap into a unified stream of every interaction sent or received on Twilio. With Event Streams, you can:

  • Stream your data to your existing systems by configuring a modern, persistent streaming technology like Amazon Kinesis or to a webhook (more sink types coming soon).
  • Easily consume and leverage data from multiple Twilio products with consistent metadata, well-defined and versioned schemas, and control over which events you want delivered (starting with Messaging, Voice, and TaskRouter events, with all events coming soon).
  • Trust that your events will be queued if your system goes down and delivered as soon as it’s back up, with event queuing for up to 24 hours or 5M events.

Learn more about the API resources

Event Streams evolves event delivery at Twilio beyond a single-producer-to-single-consumer model, giving developers flexibility to stream events to multiple sinks.

To build with Event Streams, you’ll use the following API resources:

  • Event Types — The various kinds of events that are accessible through the Event Streams APIs.
  • Sinks — The destinations to which the events you’ve subscribed to will be delivered.
  • Subscriptions — Subscribe to specific Twilio events and versions.
  • Schemas — Every Event Type has a Schema which defines how information is organized within events.

The Amazon Kinesis Quickstart and Webhook Quickstart pages can help you get started with the Event Streams API. Helper libraries are also available for popular programming languages to help you quickly integrate Event Streams.

Pricing and billing

Event Streams offers pay-as-you-go pricing based on the volume of events delivered per month.

Number of events First 100k 100k-100m 100m-1b 1b-10b >10b
Price per 1k events Free


$0.015 $0.0075 $0.0065

For example, a customer that sends 125m events in a given month over all their sinks would see the following on their invoice:

  • The first 100k events are free.
  • The next 99.9m events are billed at $0.04/1000 events, totaling $3,996.
  • The next 25m events are billed at $0.015/1000 events, totaling $375.

The total invoice for that customer in that month then is $3,996 + $375 = $4,371, for a blended price of $0.035 / 1000 events.

If you are interested in integrating Event Streams with Segment, you can find pricing information on Segment's pricing page.

Considerations for the public beta

Please note that Event Streams will have the following soft limitations at launch. If any of these limitations are blockers, please reach out to us via

  • First-attempted delivery within two seconds of events entering Event Streams.
  • Queuing of a maximum of 5M events for delivery for up to 24 hours.
  • 99.95% uptime.
  • Up to 100 Sinks and 100 Subscriptions per account. If you have subaccounts, each subaccount will have a limit of 100 Sinks and Subscriptions.
  • Supports a subset of Twilio products at launch — Voice Insights, Messaging, and TaskRouter, with more event types coming soon — for delivery to Amazon Kinesis and webhooks (more sinks coming soon).
  • Event Streams will not act as a control plane, and therefore will not support TwiML.

Event Streams is additive and will not replace existing webhooks. Twilio will continue to support and develop existing webhooks for TwiML use cases and for customers who prefer per-channel integrations.

Logging and retention

  • The maximum retention period for application logs through Event Streams will be seven days.
  • The maximum retention period for error logs will be 23 days at the account level.

Help and support

If you have any questions, please contact

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