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Calls per second

The rate at which outbound calls are executed for a given account. By default each account is granted 1 CPS for Programmable Voice API calls and 1 CPS per trunk per region for Elastic SIP Trunking calls. Inbound calls and <Dial> calls are not limited by CPS.

CPS can be managed in Console under Voice -> Settings -> General for Programmable Voice, and under Elastic SIP Trunking -> Trunk Name -> Termination. New accounts without an approved Business Profile cannot self-serve calls per second (CPS). About Business Profiles(link takes you to an external page).

In aggregate calls are executed at the rate defined by the CPS. Individual calls may not execute at the anticipated rate — you may see individual seconds with more or fewer CPS, especially for bursty traffic — but over a month the call execution rate will average the CPS rate set for that account or trunk.

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