Arrival Alerts

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An Arrival Alert is sent by a business to inform one of its customers when they might expect their product or service to arrive.

Arrival Alerts can be sent via SMS, in-app chat, or push notifications. They allow organizations to keep customers informed.

With SMS messaging, businesses can share real-time tracking and transit information, so customers know exactly when their order will arrive. For example, Uber keeps customers up-to-date by sending SMS car-arrival estimates. Likewise, Instacart, an on-demand grocer, sends alerts to its customers when their personal shopping courier has finished selecting their groceries, and when orders are out for delivery.

Arrival Alerts, like all notifications sent using text and voice messaging, receive attention more quickly than email and other channels do. Best of all, businesses typically receive replies in real-time. This enables companies to automate customer communications and deliver a first-rate customer experience.

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