Sticky Sender

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Sticky Sender is a valuable feature for SMS or Voice marketing where all outbound customer contact comes from a single number. This 'sticky' or 'unchanging' number increases customer familiarity and trust. With a two-way Voice or SMS system, it also allows customers to contact businesses and organizations through the very same number.

Implementing Sticky Sender for Customer Contact

Implementing Sticky Sender functionality in your SMS marketing application is one easy way to increase trust with your customers. While you may have many numbers in your phone number pool, keeping that common touchpoint for individual customer contact means you won't overwhelm anyone by changing outgoing numbers.

Furthermore, handling inbound messages from the same number means your customers can get back in touch with the number they trust instead of hunting down your company's primary support or sales number. A sticky sender also means customers can save your number into their phone book and not be surprised by an unknown texter when you do make outbound contact.

Using Sticky Sender with Twilio SMS

Twilio's Copilot product is the perfect partner for your SMS marketing or support operation. Using a simple set of rules, it will automatically use a sticky sender for numbers you have contacted before and assist you with the localization of new (uncontacted) numbers with Geo-Match functionality.

Stick Sender and number intelligence with Twilio's Copilot

To turn on Sticky Sender, visit the SMS Services section of the console. There you can enable Sticky Sender and other features of Copilot with a simple flick of a switch:

Sticky Sender Setting

Additionally, you can build your own Sticky Sender functionality into an app with our SMS API or our Voice API using Programmable SMS and Programmable Voice, respectively.

We suggest implementing Sticky Sender in your final application - you should see customer dividends paid relatively quickly. To discuss how your business or organization can best utilize Copilot, feel free to get in touch with sales or to get support for Copilot's awesome functionality. (Note that we don't recommend using a sticky sender for account security applications.)

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